Sound in 24 – 2022 Challenge


Create a sound design / soundscape in 24 hours using no pre-recorded libraries or samples. Utilize recording devices / phones to capture new sounds and use your creativity to make it awesome! Please try to keep your sound designs to under 3 minutes.

Your designs will be played back at the sound playback party on Friday night after our Distinguished Achievement Award session.


The Ocean

What is it like for a child to experience the ocean for the first time?

Convey the experience through the following sequence of events:

  • The journey to the beach (excitement, curiosity)
  • Walking up to the ocean (trepidation, cautiousness)
  • Stepping into the water (happiness)
  • Building a sand castle (curiosity, purposeful action, creativity)
  • The loss of the sand castle to the water (sadness, disappointment)
  • Finding out that things can always be rebuilt (happiness)
  • The journey home (mindfulness, positivity, relaxed)

Submitting for Playback

Please submit your designs here: