Experimental Audio Tours: Activating the Archive

Seth Warren-Crow with Heather Warren-Crow

Last June my collaborator Heather Warren-Crow and I completed an artist residency at The Museum of Performance + Design in San Francisco, CA where we launched an experimental audio tour called Earmark: Performance Alive that engages with the museum’s 3.5 million-item collection. I will discuss the challenges and successes of Earmark, its relation to other forms of headphone theatre, and argue that this format of an experimental audio tour provides rich terrain for theatre practitioners to interface with museum archives and the public. The experimental audio tour has the potential to create interesting pathways of community engagement with the arts and is conducive to initiating interest in historical as well as and new, interdisciplinary modes of performance.

Experimental Audio Tours: Activating the Archive
Publication: USITT Current Practices and Research in Sound
March 15, 2018

The 58th Annual USITT Conference
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
March 15, 2018